What Are The Cheap Basic Cell Phone Plans On Every Network?

Plans for mobile phones these days are so different that anybody can afford having a cell phone. The numerous options are on the market to fit any budget. The wholesale minutes are sold by major networks and that would be a cheaper option for the customer, to get a significant discount.

In this post, we are going to cover the best prepaid phone plans for conversations and text messages for light and unlimited packages. In some cases, data usage conditions are also included.

We have looked at more than 100 MVNOs, comparing several engines and defined the cheapest carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint, AT and T, Verizon. You can still use your mobile device instead of buying a new one. The minimum amount that you can be charged for cell phone talks a year is 15 dollars. That is approximately 1.25 dollars per month. Alternatively, you can replace your package with an unlimited plan, allowing you to speak with your friends and family without limitations and send SMS at the price of 15 dollars per month.

Overview of T-Mobile Network

LycaMobile is one of the biggest mobile providers in the world; the company provides an international call to more than 70 countries at a cheaper price. The cheapest plan they offer is 10 dollars, as a prepaid plan. This implies that the customer must have a certain activity for 90 days, in order to keep the current prepaid plan. In other words, one should be making calls and sending SMS. 5 cents is a price for a talk, duration of which is one minute. 4 cents is charged for a single SMS. According to this plan, if you used only 100 minutes during whole year, it will be 15$ for the first year of services and 5$ for the next periods, on the condition that minimum 10$ will be recharged.

Advantages of Republic Wireless, Unlimited Talk, and Text

Within this plan, you can purchase a SIMcard and take your own device to use. But be reminded, there is an eligible list of the devices, which are applicable to this particular call prepaid plan. iPhones are included in this list by the way as well. You can get unlimited talks and sending text messages for just 15 dollars per month. The advantage of using Republic Wireless is unique service they offer. Details are described on their official website. If you are going to increase your spending limits a bit, up to 21 dollars a month then you can review Mint. This plan also foresees unlimited talks, sending text messages and 2 GB of data a month. The requirement of this cell prepaid plan is to pay for the whole year upfront. Otherwise, the price will change.

Main features of Sprint Network cell phone prepaid plans

RingPlus – Light Usage – prepaid plans are being constantly revised, as of now you can purchase 250 minutes plan, which includes 250 SMS as well as 250 MB of data at the initial cost of 10$ for the period of one month. To be more exact you pay 10$ and this is the cost of the plan for the whole year. Other details are not quite revealed, and as mentioned above are being permanently changed. If you decided to use this type of cell plan and services of this company make sure to follow all the changes they introduce to stay informed.

Talk and Text Unlimited plan – Tello. This plan gives the customers the opportunity to talk and send text messages but no data. Set payment for a month is 18 dollars. As mentioned above, the Republic Wireless offers 15 dollars prepaid plan (paid on monthly basis) for the customers and includes sending texts and making calls without any limitations. The disadvantage of Sprint Network is that you are bound to buy a device of their network in order to purchase this cheap cell prepaid plan. This is RW-modified device to be used in the Sprint Network.

What is offered to the customers in ATandT Network?

Pix Wireless Light Usage. The GSM Blue service is on ATandT. Price for this particular cell prepaid plan is round $75 per year, allowing to talk during 1875 minutes, send out 3750 text messages and 938 MB of LTE data during the period of 1 year.

The average price per minute is 4 cents; sending text message will cost 2 cents while sending ddata– 8 cents.

Within H20 Wireless network minimum payment for every 90 days is 10 dollars. Total amount due for the annual plan would be $40. That gives a customer 400 minutes of talks and sending 400 of text messages. The rate per minute is 5 cents, the same price is set for the text message.

Airvoice is another plan with unlimited talk and text messages. This prepaid plan also includes 100 MB of data and is sold at $20/month.

Verizon Network offers Light Usage prepaid plan and Unlimited Talk and Text.

The Light Usage Plan is sold at 75 dollars for a year. That includes 2000 of minutes and 2000 of text messages for the period of one year. This cell prepaid plan does not include any data and is applied only to 3G phones.

The same plan is offered at the price of $100 for 4G phones. To find out more details, call their customer support number 877 218 5744.

Another option is Page Plus Cellular, at the price of 80 dollars, which includes 2000 of minutes for the period of 1 year. The plan is applicable only for the 3G phones.

Unlimited Talk and Text within Boom Mobile includes 250 MB of data and would cost 20 dollars for the period of one month. The advantage of this cell prepaid plan is that it supports 3G and 4G phones. For each of the phones, a separate pay plan is designed.