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This site is about how to celebrate our lives as human beings in a way we can all share - which, for me, means (among other things) writing about our life experiences. If you think your own creative writing belongs here, contact us.
As an example of one viewer who did just that, look at the poetry pages for two new poems by Laurie Corzett we just received that offer hope and a place to find companionship in our chaotic, scary world.
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Studies in maturity
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a little Massachusetts town with a powerful impact
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Trying to Get it Right This Time: Confessions of a Survivor of a Large Family, by Mary M. Leue -
now also available in book form at my online Down-to-Earth book store on my website "Spinning Globe" at: http://www.spinninglobe.net/dtebookstore.html
clickicon.gif A Theory of Value based on the Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead, by William H. Leue, PhD.
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.l  Born Free? l  
(from my memoirs)
... the bliss of a '20s childhood re-created? 
  Click on the image of the children above to take a quiz on things you may remember - from the 20s and on up! ..(By the way, the twin left behind is the one born after the little runner on the left! Have you ever wondered what it might be like being sat on for 9 months?) .  
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 We really do have a choice as to what kind of earth we want - and in fact, as to whether we want an earth to live on - or NOT - it's our choice!
 Gaia, our Mother Earth, offers us the choice of the holocausts of famine, disease, drought, flood, fire and ice - or of abundance, fertility, prosperity and peace. Click on the rose for images of our beautiful green earth; and on the flsme for glimpses of Armageddon - a future we all hope to avoid! 
 May our hopes and dreams fly ever onward toward the stars!